Zeddicus Azrael

Human Sorceror


Zedd is a striking figure by human standards and has never really had difficulty getting the attention of the ladies.
He stands at an average human height and build. He has dark hair, a fair complexion and strong jaw line. His eyes are green, however if you look closely depending on his mood, his eyes tend to seem much darker at times.


Zedd has an interesting approach to others. He is capable at making friends very easily magically or otherwise. Many would consider him a friend and yet few know much about Zedd. Growing up on the streets has made Zedd guarded. Zedd smiles on the outside, but secretly a part of him hates everyone around him. He knows that he can make people do what he wants them to, but struggles against the urge to do so. He knows he can make people hurt and afraid, like he was as a child. It would be easier for Zedd if he did not want to do harm to people, but if he was truly honest, he often does want to. Zedd is not a good person, he does have a history of making deals with the criminal type, but he tries very hard not to have to. He does not deals with evil people and when given the chance, will often sink business deals that the evil type try to make. Zedd lives in the grey area, trying to do good, trying to build a reputable trading network, but constantly tempted to go down a dark path.

Notable Friends:
Fynyck. A half-elf companion would normally be considered an odd choice, but Zedd sees something of a kindred bond between himself and the outcast. Zedd also realizes that occasionally having someone able to handle themself in a fight is beneficial and the ranger is certainly that. Fyniyck is the closest thing to a best friend that Zedd has, though he still keeps his inner struggle secret from his companion.

Archibald Bain: Zedd would be hard-pressed to consider anyone a mentor, but if he did, Archibald is that mentor. Archibald has one foot in the reputable world and one foot in the underworld. Where Zedd deals with criminals as a necessity, Archibald takes a pragmatic approach and deals with anyone that has a use. Has he used Zedd in the past? Absolutely, but he has introduced Zedd to many people along the way and shown him the ins and outs of trade. There is very little in the business world of Suzail that Archibald does not know at least a little about.

John Thornhill: Thornhill is a prickly merchant that does not like anyone and trusts them less. Zedd got his attention with his personable nature and his ability to talk his way into deals. The day Zedd talked Thornhill down in price for a shopkeeper was the day Zedd earned his respect, though not admittedly. Thornhill uses Zedd’s services to get the best deals from newly arrived ships and has made a great deal of money in the process.

Miss Abigail: One of Zedd’s favorite haunts is The Osculatory, a place that younger nobles tend to frequent. With his silver tongue and light shows, Miss Abigail has found Zedd to be great for business, for the most part. Occasionally Zedd has attempted to get the attentions of young ladies that were too high up on the social ladder, which makes trouble, but normally he can talk his way out of it. Miss Abigail has been one to feed Zedd if he has not had a deal in a while. Though tough on him, she feels an almost matronly connection to Zedd, as long as he stays away from her daughter, Deidre.


To understand Zeddicus, or Zed for short, we need to take a jaunt into the past. Long ago, there was a modestly powerful wizard from a line of wizards, named Azrael. The lord that he was serving, Andrus, came under the influence of a pit fiend named Tanetal and Azrael tried to counter this influence to no avail. Andrus believed that he was gaining power enough to challenge rival lords and when Azrael attempted to reason with him, he was banished from the kingdom. Not long after his banishment Azrael came across a staff with the distinct scent of brimstone. Intrigued, he picked it up and instantly became aware on the influence the staff had over infernal beings. He returned to his lord and in the throne room confronted Andrus and the disguised Tanetal. Azrael used the staff and the devil was instantly engulfed in flames and disintegrated. Andrus, no longer under the pit lord’s spell, begged his wizard’s forgiveness and promised him whatever he desired. From that day, Azrael was famous near and far and never let the staff out of his sight. Many travelers went to Azrael begging to know his tale of triumph over the devil. He claimed that he ingeniously fashioned the staff himself, and when word of this spread he was given the nickname Azrael the Cunning. He had a son with the gift for magic and decided to make his given name into a family name.

Not too long after all of this transpired, Azrael the Cunning awoke to his wife bleeding to death next to him, a wicked dagger in her chest. He could not move and a cloaked figure stood over him. “I hear you have made a name for yourself at my expense,” the figure said. Azrael could not believe that Tanetal was before him, but there he was. “To think someone of your ability could defeat me so easily says much of your hubris.” Tanetal hissed. “Since I seem to be the reason for your success and fame, I fell that I should take stewardship over your line. Open your mouth.” He commanded and Azrael obeyed. Tanetal spoke a word and with the dagger that killed Azrael’s wife, he cut his hand and poured blood into the mouth of the helpless wizard. “Your bloodline will continue in perpetuity, because I say it will. Though your line is skilled with magic, your descendants will not wield it, until I GIVE them the ability. Where my name has given you fame and fortune, my blood will give your descendants nothing but hardship and misfortune. Your bloodline is now mine because I want it, because I will use it and it will only end when I will it.” Tanetal turned to leave, but stopped almost as an afterthought and picked up Azrael’s staff. “Thank you for finding my staff for me,” Tanetal said. With a flash of bright flames, Tanetal disappeared. Azrael the Cunning then died with the smell of brimstone still in his nostrils.

* * *

Zedd was never aware of this curse. Those events had been lost over the years. The Azrael line only produced one male heir so the name would continue. Zedd does not know the fate of his parents either, only that they never returned from a fishing trip. No orphanages would take the destitute child, strange things happened around him. Priests could always sense something just not right about him. Wizards would never take in a sorcerer. Zedd was an outcast, but one that could easily make friends with people, if he tried hard enough. He grew up on the streets, but rarely would he stoop to being a criminal. Often Zedd could charm his way into a free meal or a dry place to sleep when a storm came. As he grew accustomed to his magic, he practiced by himself and was adept at entertaining others with dancing lights to the sound of music. As Zedd came into adulthood, he realized his talent at making deals with people. Slowly he started gaining rapport with businessman with his talent for getting them deals from other merchants. When two merchants had a problem, occasionally Zedd would help settle things. Zedd began making a living and a name for himself brokering deals for other people

Zeddicus Azrael

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