Solomon looked down at the baby. “Fynwyk. My son.” Though he spoke the words of happiness, his face betrayed an inner emotion, a deeper dismay at the child he had sired. There would be no place for a mixed race child such as his. Half human, half elf. Solomon could not bear the shame of being responsible for such an abomination. Solomon left that night. He never returned.

Fynwyk’s mother raised him until the age of fifteen. Though she bore the burden of being the mother to a lesser elf, she nonetheless cared for him deeply and was fiercely protective of him. Ignoring the disapproving glares and gracefully countering the insults and remarks her elven enclave heaped on the boy, she raised him to be tough and independent. Her protective spirit instilled in Fynwyk a moral imperative to protect those who needed it; to care for the outcasts and those deemed inferior by society. He was at once caring but also aloof; protective of others yet also of himself. As such, Fynwyk came to trust others slowly, and earning his trust was not an easy task. However, to those who had earned his trust, Fynwyk was deeply loyal.

On his fifteenth birthday, Fynwyk’s mother decided that he needed a better environment. One where he could prosper and be free from the judging eyes and tongues of the elven community in King’s Forest. While she had not spoken to Solomon since he left, Solomon’s father, Theo, remained vested in the boy’s future and provided as much assistance in raising the boy as possible. At his suggestion, Fynwyk’s mother decided that Fynwyk should join Theo in Suzail, Cormyr. Theo was a ship captain and took young Fynwyk on as an apprentice.

For the next five years Fynwyk sailed the seas with his grandfather. Running supplies and cargo to numerous kingdoms and cities. Fynwyk was exposed to a broader world, in both its glory and suffering. The values instilled by his mother, protection for the weak, caring, were reinforced as he witnessed the at best indifferent but quite often brutal treatment of the poor in the various harbors and ports he visited with his uncle. He also honed his toughness and skill with bow and blade, since his honor demanded he protect the suffering. On more than one occasion his brashness cost his grandfather dearly, and there were several journeys which barely managed to pay for Fynwyk’s release from jail. Over time he came to appreciate subtlety and recognize when a situation called for action or more diplomatic resolution, for it was difficult to protect the rights of others from a prison cell. Despite the approach, the ends were always the same and he would not pass an opportunity to protect those who needed it.

His love for the sea also grew during these years. Fynwyk proved to be an able seaman and before long was acting as Theo’s first mate. From the port of Suzail to the Pirate Isles to Ilmswatch near Rawlinswood and Gheldaneth, Mulhorand, Fynwyk came to know the Sea of Fallen Stars well, as well as the merchants, seaman, and dock workers who inhabited the towns and cities along its coast. He was especially fond of Procampur. There was a powerful Halfling druid who lived there that Fynwyk had met while fishing. Whenever Fynwyk sailed near Procampur he made sure to pay his Halfling friend Donnchadha a visit. Though they mostly spent their time fishing, Fynwyk enjoyed the tales of heroism and bravery that Donnchadha told him. If a Halfling could single-handedly save the entire city of Waterdeep by defeating an orc army and its giants on the wall before rallying a band of rag-tag orphans to support him while he defeated the powerful Krendan Maw, then there was nothing that Fynwyk could not achieve. The stories also reinforced Fynwyk’s concept of himself as a swashbuckler and hero of the seas.

The years spent with Theo on the sea led Fynwyk to establish a powerful connection with the water. He is most happy when on the sea and if confined to land for more than several days he begins to gets cranky and irritable. One of his worst fears is finding himself without a ship or means of taking to the sea. This connection, however, has served Fynwyk and Theo well. As his grandfather grew older, and Fynwyk more capable, the elder Theo began entrusting Fynwyk more to the transport of cargo while Theo remained behind in Suzail to grow the shipping business. Years of careful spending, despite Fynwyk’s occasional costly transgressions, have allowed Theo to invest in the construction of two new ships and competent crewmen to guide them. Theo hopes to pass this business on to Fynwyk when he is ready.

Because of Fynwyk’s guarded nature he has made only a few strong connections in his short life. His relationship with his grandfather Theo is very strong and he feels an unbreakable bond to his paternal grandfather. He also feels a strong connection to his best friend Zed. Zed and Fynwyk met in the Suzail when they were young. Sensing that Zed was an outcast like Fynwyk, they immediately formed a strong bond. Fynwyk feels a strong loyalty toward Zed and they two have become inseparable partners. Though Zed is not as much of a fan of the sea as Fynwyk, Fynwyk is always happy to return to Suzail and spend time with his friend.


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